Azurat is a labor of love designed to support what we are passionate about... good friends, the arts, education, and community building.  

Profoundly believing that the key to happiness and success lies in doing what you love and loving what you do, we offer a fully appropriated recording studio and creative outdoor spaces where you can discover, explore and expand your inner artist.  We are committed to developing your talents and projects, connecting with artists and patrons of the arts in a supportive, creative community, producing and recording music, and occasionally raising awareness for local non-profits.

In July 2001, the Smith’s, Fran & R.B., Sherri & R.W., held their first Azurat Home Party, showcasing local talent to benefit a non-profit organization in celebration of R.W’s birthday. In 2004 R.B. Smith passed away, and in his loving memory, the gathering continues as an annual tradition. Canceled in 2020 due to Covid-19, we are striving to connect and support our Azurat community virtually until the pandemic is no longer a threat

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