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Azurat Home Party - Saturday, July 2, 2016

Earl Hamner, 1923-2016

This year's home party will benefit the Earl Hamner Jr. Theatre.  The Hamner has been home to a varied range of drama, comedy, dance and music since 2005, involving the community in every aspect of performance (production, acting, playwriting, lighting, sound, set design, stage managing & directing). As some of you may know, they are currently without a permanent home.  They offer a regular improv program in Crozet, VA and an active performance troupe available for shows at local vineyards, community centers and outdoor venues, yet they are seeking a regular performance structure.

Remembering Earl, who recently passed, we will celebrate in a fitting tribute to his namesake. Let's help the Hamner raise a roof!
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In addition to the Hamner Improv Troupe (HIT), this year's performers are:

Adam Smith & Monika Khot (of  Invisible Hand, Zen Mother)
Anne O'Brien
Bill Staton
Crystal Rainbow Unicorn Puppy (Forrest Swope & Friends)
Five & Dimers (Larry Becker & Brett Twitty)
Holly Renee Allen
Jennie Smith - REFIT
Jim Wray Jazz
John Owen & Tanya K
Last Straw (Joe Madison & Alda Curtis)
Molimo (RW Smith, Jim McAvoy, Kevin Crowe, Joe Dinardo, Greg Roberts, Tom Serrano)
O Wow Boy! (Marc Lipson, Frank Bechter, Susan Munson)
Ralph Rush
The Red Hill Band (David Eakin, Jeff Mason, John Good)
RW Smith & Family
Tom Proutt & Friends
Shannon Branch 

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